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Who wouldn't choose happy over grumpy! Let's be honest; besides the day to day office business, you do want to have an occasional beer with your colleagues, right?


70% of your time is spent at work, so choose wisely, choose colleagues you want to spend time with! Make a bold move and ask us to find you a new job!

Are you an independent contractor and (almost) available for a new project, assignment or consultancy challenge?


DLIVR will help you find it! Preferably not a job like you have done many times before but something that will truly add value to your resume.  Leave your contact details and CV and we'll get in touch soon.

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Steve Jobs:

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle" 

Currently, most people work at their job just to make money. They are called "shift survivors". Look in the mirror, are you one of them? If you want to spend your life doing things that are meaningful to you, find your passion and integrate it into your work. Then you will at the top of your game in terms of work performance and you'll enjoy it like never before.


Some tips to develop passion:

1. Have a growth mindset!  (Everything can be developed. Brains and talent are just a starting point

2. Adapt a life-long learning attitude!

3. Surround yourself with happy people!

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The team at DLIVR has a strong focus on boosting your performance as a company by matching exceptional staff to you, as a client.

We can do this on a temporary as well as permanent basis.


Our main network lies in Finance, Marketing, HR, Sales & Operations, Supply Chain, Digital & IT positions, on academic level.


Whether you are temporarily overloaded with projects, would like to get support during a transformative change or if you need someone to cover during the absence of an employee, we DLIVR.

The best things about hiring temporary staff from us are; they DLIVR, they make an instant impact, they have fresh perspectives, and are highly skilled teamplayers.


We often get asked how we are able to attract talent and stay ahead of our competitors. The answer is simple,we are people people.

We truly listen and stay in touch. Both with companies and with candidates. This way we know what is coming and can quickly create perfect matches and outstanding performance. Not by resume but by heart. That is how we connect your company's purpose to a candidate's individual purpose. We recruit national and international candidates throughout Netherlands and Europe, especially in our executive search requests.

Let us do what we do best; DLIVR.




Why we do it:

Because we believe that work should be more than just "shift surviving". 

What we do: 

We do business! In Finance, Marketing, HR, Sales & Operations, Supply Chain and Digital | IT with people that are passionate about work on an academic level. Solely with exciting companies, corporates with a start-up mentality, media, retail, telecom, data management, scale-ups, and lots of others. As long as it is fun.   



To the point | intrinsic |  old boys network | team players | social | people people | persistent | "the go-to guys" | data-driven | agile | executive search | hunters | national & international executive recruiting 


DLIVR is the proud result of 22 years of experience in corporate sales and recruitment, a healthy dose of pigheadedness,  a firm belief in doing things our own way, and a huge amount of curiosity and impatience.

DLIVR is the registered trademark of DLIVR B.V., Registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 84611359, located at the  Jansweg 42-1 | 2011 KN Haarlem. 


Pascal van der Steen | Pascal@DLIVR.NL | 06-41061832 

Wouter Aten | Wouter@DLIVR.NL | 06-20608699

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